Why Seek IV Hydration This Winter

Each winter it becomes increasingly more difficult to remain dehydrated.

Hydration is one of the essential parts of being human. There are many health consequences to being dehydrated, and most symptoms are unimaginably unpleasant. It is very common for humans to become dehydrated because it is tough to keep your body water count up. If you do not have a water bottle, keeping hydrated can be very problematic.

Alternately if you have a water bottle but forget to bring it with you throughout the day, then that also becomes problematic. There are many other options for keeping up with your hydration this winter and for the upcoming new year. IV hydration therapy is a great alternative for maintaining a hydrated lifestyle. Here are some reasons why you should seek IV hydration therapy this winter.


IV hydration can give you quick relief from dehydration symptoms

Intravenous hydration provides direct hydration to your bloodstream which means that your body absorbs 100% of its contents. This type of absorption allows for quick and effective relief. Taking supplements and oral medication only allows your body to absorb about 30% of its contents.

IV hydration is personalized for your own experience

Before getting your IV hydration therapy, Vida-Flo will take an inventory assessment of your symptoms and create therapy tailored to your needs. You will not only be able to leave feeling hydrated, but you’ll be able to leave with a healthier body complex.

Hangover relief

IV hydration therapy repletes the vitamins lost from a night out on the town drinking. If you had one too many cups of wine at your Christmas dinner seeking hydration therapy can be the quickest and most efficient hangover relief.


So if you have been experiencing symptoms of dehydration during this holiday season visit Vida-Flo Nashville to get your symptoms treated through IV hydration therapy. As the examples above state, this type of therapy can be very beneficial and provide quick and safe relief. Vida-Flo will be sure to take great care of you this winter. Visit www.govidaflo.com today to find out more.