The Benefits of Oxygen and IV Therapy

If you’re anything like us when you first heard the terms, “IV therapy” or “oxygen therapy,” you thought it was something for elderly people with health issues, but in the age of alternative and holistic medicine, it seems like it at least warrants some exploration! 

We’re all familiar with H20 and of course, we know about the clear stuff that we involuntarily inhale second after second.  Many of us also understand that sometimes, when people are having trouble breathing for whatever medical reason, they’re provided with some extra support by way of IV fluids electrolytes or an oxygen mask to help them depending on their particular predicament.  Doctors began to recognize that patients who received oxygen therapy also received the additional benefit of seeing improve energy levels, better sleep, and even more mental clarity.

Oxygen is an essential gas.  It enables us to do more than breathe, although that in itself is serendipitous.  A consistent flow of oxygen encourages healing on a cellular level. It can also assist in strengthening our respiratory and circulatory systems.  The benevolent genius that is oxygen therapy only increases with intensified research. Additional benefits of oxygen therapy include removing toxins from the body and even reducing inflammation.  We all experience the fatigue associated with the daily grind; the back and forth of everyday responsibility. Many of us sit in cars and buildings with subpar air quality for multiple hours each and every single day.  We are now in a position where we can upgrade our tried and true self-care mechanisms.

Of course, we don’t recommend borrowing Grandma’s oxygen tank.  Only allow a professional to administer oxygen to you or your loved ones. While benefits abound, the side effects of improper oxygen delivery could have toxic results.  Please always consult a local professional and inform yourself regarding any potential side effects of receiving oxygen therapy.

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