Zinc for Wound Healing and Muscle Recovery

Did you say “sink” or “zinc”?  

Zinc is one of those strange, almost exotic sounding vitamins that we know we should be getting more of, but we may not really know why. Zinc is good for everything from protecting and strengthening our immune systems to treat the common cold to controlling hormone levels in our bodies and even possessing antioxidants to assist with the destruction of free radicals.  Our bodies are sensitive, and many things can deplete our zinc levels. Zinc is even been considered to be a hangover cure pill because alcohol diminishes our bodies zinc content. The ultra-gain “Heal” provides the necessary boost of the essential vitamin zinc in order to allow for optimized muscle recovery and wound healing.

Zinc is found in foods, but it isn’t something that we are monitoring or keeping track of in the same way that we’re used to ensuring that we have the proper amounts of vitamins A, B, C, or even D, in our diets.  A deficiency in the vitamin Zinc, however, can cause stagnation throughout the process of muscle healing and tissue repair. Zinc’s role in our system is to help metabolize protein so that our bodies can use it during muscle repair and wound recovery.  Zinc levels are also a crucial determining factor in our wounds being able to heal properly and the actual amount of time that it takes our bodies to complete this process. Research has even suggested that people who have lower zinc levels have a more difficult time healing especially those experiencing chronic wounds like ulcers.  Zinc is even used to treat minor skin irritations like hives, rashes, and shallow or topical or skin level wounds.

Vida-Flo understands the importance of zinc and is an expert regarding IV vitamin therapy.  Vida-Flo is committed to ensuring that we can maintain or boost our levels appropriately and with professional help.  For most of us, we have no idea what an appropriate level of zinc is or how to get our bodies there. Of course, we can take supplements or increase our intake of certain zinc-rich foods but there is no replacement for proper dosages from someone who knows exactly what to do.  Our health is extremely important to us and it’s essential for us not to neglect more obscure vitamins and minerals. And don’t forget that zinc is considered an amazing hangover cure pill and home remedy that nature has to offer.


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