Why is Vida-Flo’s Oxygen Therapy Program Right for You?

Oxygen therapy is definitely not simply a new age fad.

While we all certainly know that oxygen is one of the gases that is essential to substance on this planet and human life in general, we do not always understand exactly what magnanimous effects oxygen provides for us as human beings on planet Earth. Oxygen is not just the air that we breathe. Oxygen is one of the powerful, foundational building blocks of life. Oxygen is what enables our bodies to participate in healing at the cellular level and is the motor that enables our circulatory and respiratory systems to function. Toxins in the body can be filtered out by using oxygen therapy as well as being used to aid in the reduction of inflammation. Oxygen therapy is even helpful for simple day to day pangs such as fatigue and over exertion, headaches, muscle recovery and even for health and beauty purposes.         

We know that when we first heard the term oxygen therapy, the images that pervade our thoughts were most certainly images of emergency rooms and nursing homes. At first, it seemed like a passing fad or an extreme alternative hippy dippy health tactic but truly, oxygen therapy is a boon that has come to us in the age of holistic and alternative methods. Vida-Flo understands that oxygen therapy, IV fluids electrolytes aren’t simply something to be offered when someone is having difficulty breathing. The additional benefits of oxygen therapy include improvement in energy levels, better quality of sleep and relief from mental fog.

The administration of oxygen therapy, IV fluids electrolytes is only to be undertaken by a professional in a safe and clean environment. There are toxic side effects that accompany the improper use of oxygen so definitely do not try this at home. Please always consult a local professional like the ones at Vida-Flo and be an informed patient and consumer. Also, be sure to visit your regular physician in the event of any major ailments, injuries or serious pain and illness. Oxygen therapy is not a substitute for medical care.

How To Treat Altitude Sickness

This fall you may want to get away from your house or home state and experience fall weather in your area.

So, your family trip to mountains may have sounded like a good idea in the beginning until you get there and realize they really weren’t joking about the elevation. You learn that there is a much more limited supply of oxygen than you had at sea level. It is said that the human body can perform best at sea level and that altitudes above 8,000 feet are very hard for people to acclimatize to especially if they are not used to high altitudes. Do not worry too much if you are experiencing symptoms of altitude sickness. Here is a surefire way for how to treat altitude sickness so that you won’t have to bail on the family trip and descend to a lower altitude.

Go to your nearest oxygen bar!

At Vida-Flo, we realize that altitude sickness is common in and around mountainous areas. Our oxygen bar will provide you with relief in under an hour. The reason why the altitude feels so unbearable is that our bodies cannot easily obtain oxygen in areas with low oxygen concentrations. Vida-Flo is located right on the main street and has the perfect oxygen bar to help relieve your symptoms.


All in all, this is the best and most efficient way on how to treat altitude sickness symptoms. It is important that you act fast if you’re experiencing symptoms of altitude sickness. For a more lasting relief visit Vida-Flo. You can also learn more about our oxygen bar by visiting www.govidaflo.com.