The Importance of Regular B12 Intake

You probably reading this blog because you’ve wondered if you can benefit from IV vitamin therapy.  

We all wonder if we’re doing everything that we can for our health and well-being.  It seems like there’s always a new superfood or essential oil that we absolutely must have in our kitchen or bathroom cabinets.  Big pharmaceutical companies and even huge vitamin and supplement corporations make millions from scaring us into sickness. Vida-Flo seeks to be a different type of provider and we hope that the info that we give helps to make you an informed and healthy person.  We offer B12 treatments because vitamin B12 is essential to our nerve and brain function and while it is present in many food sources, many of us are not getting it in the manner or amount that we need it. It is worth it for your health to find out what you can regarding IV vitamin therapy pros and cons.

Many times, we hear about vitamins and supplements and we may even take a few without truly understanding their functions in our bodies or knowing what they really do for us.  B12 is helpful for maintaining energy, strengthening and forming red blood cells, fighting anemia, and especially nerve and cell health and regeneration. Did you know that taking B12 before a night of drinking is basically like a hangover cure pill?  B12 is amazing and without an adequate amount of B12, our bodies are unable to renew themselves properly. Vida-Flo offers a B12 program to fight fatigue and increase energy. Other benefits include combatting potential vitamin deficiencies and treating the symptoms of a night of drink like a miracle hangover cure pill!  B12 treatments are a simple and safe health boon and can also be effective against any dysfunction present in our adrenal glands and nervous system and can even aid in weight loss.

How can we tell if our bodies are deficient in vitamin B12?  Of course, consulting a physician or other health professional is the only way to be completely certain, however, here is a list of some symptoms that can accompany a shortage of the vitamin B12 in our systems:

  • Lack of equilibrium
  • Headaches
  • Fatigue and lethargy
  • Anemia
  • Constipation
  • Decreased brain/cognitive function

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, Vida-Flo’s B12 IV vitamin therapy treatment may be an appropriate option to explore.  When our bodies and brains do not have the vitamins and minerals that they need, we cannot possibly venture out into the world successfully.  Be sure that you are making decisions that keep your body operating in optimal conditions. Now is the time! Contact us today for more information at


What to Expect at Your First Vida-Flo Visit

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If you googled “IV hydration near me” then you are most likely aware of the various benefits of hydration therapy.  


Vida-Flo is the leading IV hydration clinic and visiting a local Vida-Flo is an experience like none other. If you are curious about what to expect for your first appointment, read on for an overview of what to expect during your first Vida-Flo experience. 


  1. Greeting and Check-in

Each Vida-Flo location is uniquely designed with comfortable chairs and blue LED lit waiting rooms. Upon entering, you will be greeted by our friendly Vida-Flo wellness consultants. You will receive a tablet for entering your medical data. Feel free to ask our wellness consultants any questions you may have as you wait.  

  1. Medical Questionnaire and Consent

The medical questionnaire is a short set of questions that will provide our staff with important information about your past medical history, current medical condition, and your future wellness goals. It is important that you provide honest and accurate answers to the questionnaire, so our staff can best serve you based on your history and your goals. You will also sign a consent form allowing Vida-Flo nurses to provide IV services. 

  1. Vital Sign and Suitability Assessment

After completing your questionnaire and consent form, you will be introduced to your Hydro care provider. All Hydro care providers are licensed nurses who specialize in providing IV therapy. Your vitals will be measured and a final suitability assessment will be given before providing services.  

  1. Therapy

Your therapy is prepared based on your suitability assessment and wellness goals. As you relax in a comfortable recliner, the IV is inserted without pain. The therapy takes 30 – 45 minutes and afterwards, you’re feeling reVIDAlized.  


Vida-Flo hydration therapy has benefits including immunity, wellness, and beauty. As you continue treatments, you will experience enhanced and long-term benefits. Schedule your first appointment today to get started.