Can Vida-Flo Help You Maintain Healthy, Growing Hair?

Our growing hair is simply cells and all of our cells need water and various other vitamins and minerals to replenish themselves.

Our association with healthy hair may not traditionally begin with us thinking about how hydrated we are or even with us adding vitamin IV therapy to our health regiments, however, it is certainly something that we should be considering. We all want the healthiest heads of hair possible, however, we often don’t consider that healthy hair starts from the inside. Hydrating our hair and maintaining its health goes far beyond simply shampooing and conditioning our locks. As consumers, we literally spend thousands of dollars on expensive shampoos, serums and an assortment of other products on the search for luscious, beautiful locks. Before we decide to implement a new product regiment, we should probably investigate our inner health and see how it is affecting our hair growth.

Vida-Flo understands that it isn’t superficial to be concerned about our outer appearance. Our hair and faces are what we present to the world. It aids whatever first impression of us that people receive when we first meet them. Dehydration can have detrimental effects on our hair including dryness, breakage, and even hair loss. Vida-Flo has various vitamin and mineral wellness programs, with various levels of IV therapy to help maintain healthy hair and skin. The appropriate water intake is essential and having it every day is just one way to maintain hydration and healthy hair. Vitamin IV therapy isn’t the only way to increase your vitamin and mineral intake to encourage healthy hair and growth. Small, simple and effective dietary additions can also make a huge difference in the way that our hair feels, grows and behaves. Foods like avocados, berries, and even spinach have both high-water content and are vitamin rich which can assist in enabling us to continue developing even healthier, shinier, and longer hair.

Since we are always concerned about our hair whether it is the way that it is styled or its length or even the degree of dryness that it possesses. Funny enough, one of the easiest ways to deliver on our promise to ourselves to be our most beautiful and to make sure that we are ensured to have a healthy mane is by being properly hydrated on a regular basis. IV therapy can certainly alleviate dehydration symptoms and an IV infusion procedure can help to kick start a healthier relationship between our internal systems and our hair by bridging the gap between the number of vitamins and minerals that we need inside of our bodies and the number of vitamins and minerals that we are actually putting into our bodies.