How Will the Afterburner Work for You?

The Afterburner program has been created to help bolster better athletic performance

Vida-Flo has a number of wellness programs that focus on hydrating your bodies and ensuring that you receive much-needed vitamins and minerals that you may be leaving out of your daily eating regimens. With so many options though, how can you decipher which one exactly is the right one for your health needs? Each IV vitamin therapy program is especially suited to meet each individual’s specific needs, whether they lead busy lifestyles and need additional hydration and vitamins to supplement a poor diet and eating habits, or whether they are an athlete participating in intensive training and exercise on a regular basis.. The formula took time to perfect and consists of a trio of B vitamins and hydrating fluids. Many people truly enjoy being active. Athletic activities are good for your cardiovascular systems and just plain fun, however, your bodies lose valuable and necessary salts and minerals when you sweat.

The Afterburner IV vitamin therapy formula was designed to replenish what you lose as you sweat, enabling you to maintain an appropriate and healthy level of hydration. When your bodies are properly hydrated, your muscles and joints are more able to recover from strenuous activity and injuries. Vida-Flo also understands that you lose essential electrolytes during periods of intense physical activity. The Afterburner program is manufactured to return these back to your body with a trio of essential B vitamins. Vitamins B5, B6, and B9 are the three major components of the Afterburner formula. B5 supports your metabolic system and helps you turn food into energy more efficiently. Vitamin B6 helps to send signals to other parts of the body like ligaments and joints while vitamin B9 is a great source of folic acid, which supports heart health and helps to generate healthy new cells. The combination of these vitamins and hydrating fluids in the Afterburner are what make this formula an amazing way to ameliorate injuries while simultaneously supporting the nervous system, adrenal glands and boosting our immunity. Deciding which Vida-Flo program is perfect for you shouldn’t be a stressful process. Information about each one of Vida-Flo’s IV vitamin therapy programs is available on our website.