Vida-Flo provides overall health & wellness, energy boost, illness relief and various comforts to our clients. Each patient is examined individually and every treatment is safe, time-tested, FDA approved and targeted to the goals, needs or symptoms of the individual. The Vida-Flo staff are all certified and accredited medical professionals in good-standing with vast experience in the procedures. Their job is to assess suitability and provide guidance for the treatment that provides our customers the greatest benefit. At Vida-Flo, the building block therapy for rehydration is a Lactated Ringer, what we call our “Hydration Restoration Fluid.” These 1000mL bags consist of normal saline (0.9% sodium chloride) which replaces vital salt lost during exercise, after illness or even during the rigors of daily life when we do not drink enough water. It also contains the electrolytes Potassium, Calcium and Lactate. Potassium is an electrolyte that when lost is difficult for the body to absorb. Lactate is a compound that is used by the metabolism in muscles and also reduces acidity, which is important, as most people become more acidic as they become dehydrated. Calcium is extremely important, especially in later age for strong teeth and bones.


Direct delivery of hydration, vitamins and energy agents to the bloodstream means your body absorbs 100% of the benefits of our targeted treatments. When drinking fluids and taking oral medications and vitamins, the body may only absorb as little as 30%. In addition, for individuals that have to get back on their feet in a hurry (think big meeting or family vacation), Vida-Flo offers relief in as little as 45 minutes.



Chronic dehydration can result in dry-skin, wrinkles, skin blemishes, and premature aging. Topical products offer a hydrating solution but cannot compare to intravenous treatments. The key is to moisturize from the inside out and nothing accomplishes this more effectively than Vida-Flo IV fluids and holistic therapies.


For someone interested in improved athletic performance, often times sports drinks and oral supplements are simply not enough. Hydration therapy benefits both the competitive and recreational athlete looking for an edge or to increase the length and productivity of the workout. On a daily basis, Vida-Flo is working with avid runners, MMA fighters, CrossFitters, yoga disciples and martial artists to make them faster, stronger and more competitive than ever before. Our therapies work two ways. We treat during training to help athletes become optimally hydrated before a workout, event or competition to assist them to consistently perform at the absolute peak. Post work-out or competition Vida-Flo provides advanced treatment that allows athletes to bounce back quicker than ever before. Our IV hydration therapies will expeditiously restore you to natural electrolyte balances allowing you to recover quickly and be ready for the next athletic challenge.


Certainly your mother or grandmother told you to “drink plenty of fluids” to alleviate and speed along the negative effects of common cold and flu virus. They were absolutely correct in their advice and prescription. The 1000ml lactated ringers provided by Vida-Flo are equivalent to drinking 2.5 gallons of water in as quickly as fifteen minutes without the health risks, side effects and obvious problems associated with trying to drink that much fluid in a short period. In addition, our medical staff will assess what targeted medications and vitamins to offer to create “Family Remedy 2.0” to get you back on your feet.


The overwhelming reason hangovers feel awful is dehydration. Your aches, pains, nausea, heartburn and general fatigue can be drawn directly to a lack of fluids and vitamin deficiencies. If you have all-day, high-sugar sports drinks, coffee, and “hair-of-the-dog” may provide some relief, but do almost nothing to treat what is truly causing these symptoms. Our combination of IV hydration, vitamins, anti-oxidants, medications for pain, heartburn and nausea eliminate all side-effects of alcohol overindulgence in less than an hour so you can make the most of your day.


Dehydration is a known trigger for the migraine sufferer. Staying hydrated will help lessen the occurrence of these debilitating headaches. Additionally, normal Vitamin B12 balance and the anti-inflammatory Toradol are often prescribed treatments for migraines. Both the most popular and effective therapy we offer is 93% pure Oxygen. Blood vessels dilate during migraines and cause the pain associated with the condition. Because oxygen constricts the blood vessels, this helps the pain to subside, sometimes within minutes. In addition, O2 has an overall balancing effect which returns the brain to function normally.


Travel can exhaust you out both physically and mentally. Fatigue and jetlag are often caused by dehydration. Airline cabins are purposefully dehumidified which causes the water from your body to evaporate. Combined with other lifestyle choices associated with travel and germ-filled air that is circulated in airline cabins the result can be an overwhelming case of dehydration, illness or both. Vida-Flo will reverse the symptoms, allowing you to skip the jetlag and return the body and mind to a more optimal state.

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