Can Vida-Flo Help You Maintain Healthy, Growing Hair?

Our growing hair is simply cells and all of our cells need water and various other vitamins and minerals to replenish themselves.

Our association with healthy hair may not traditionally begin with us thinking about how hydrated we are or even with us adding vitamin IV therapy to our health regiments, however, it is certainly something that we should be considering. We all want the healthiest heads of hair possible, however, we often don’t consider that healthy hair starts from the inside. Hydrating our hair and maintaining its health goes far beyond simply shampooing and conditioning our locks. As consumers, we literally spend thousands of dollars on expensive shampoos, serums and an assortment of other products on the search for luscious, beautiful locks. Before we decide to implement a new product regiment, we should probably investigate our inner health and see how it is affecting our hair growth.

Vida-Flo understands that it isn’t superficial to be concerned about our outer appearance. Our hair and faces are what we present to the world. It aids whatever first impression of us that people receive when we first meet them. Dehydration can have detrimental effects on our hair including dryness, breakage, and even hair loss. Vida-Flo has various vitamin and mineral wellness programs, with various levels of IV therapy to help maintain healthy hair and skin. The appropriate water intake is essential and having it every day is just one way to maintain hydration and healthy hair. Vitamin IV therapy isn’t the only way to increase your vitamin and mineral intake to encourage healthy hair and growth. Small, simple and effective dietary additions can also make a huge difference in the way that our hair feels, grows and behaves. Foods like avocados, berries, and even spinach have both high-water content and are vitamin rich which can assist in enabling us to continue developing even healthier, shinier, and longer hair.

Since we are always concerned about our hair whether it is the way that it is styled or its length or even the degree of dryness that it possesses. Funny enough, one of the easiest ways to deliver on our promise to ourselves to be our most beautiful and to make sure that we are ensured to have a healthy mane is by being properly hydrated on a regular basis. IV therapy can certainly alleviate dehydration symptoms and an IV infusion procedure can help to kick start a healthier relationship between our internal systems and our hair by bridging the gap between the number of vitamins and minerals that we need inside of our bodies and the number of vitamins and minerals that we are actually putting into our bodies.

Beauty Skin Hydration Tips from Vida-Flo Nashville

We all care about our skin and our health.

We definitely want that glow that inspires compliments. The most important piece of beautiful skin and good health is hydration; making sure that we are drinking enough fluids on a daily basis is tantamount for all of us. Aside from hydration, Vida-Flo recommends knowing exactly what type of skin you have and how to care for it properly. Oily skin will have different needs from dry skin and etc. We can only meet these specific needs when we know what they are. For example, if you have dry skin, no matter how many times you visit Vida-Flo’s IV lounge, your skin will never be able to maintain its moisture. Sometimes, our skin needs a little bit of extra tender, love, and care. Dry skin is basically inflammation, oils like ylang-ylang and lavender can help calm the skin by calming the inflammation. Herbal teas and masks made of these oils and also herbs like chamomile or even oatmeal can also be a nice addition to our beauty and skin care routines. Whether we have combination, oily, or dry skin, we want to avoid any products that utilize harsh chemicals and fragrances or alcohol. For oilier skin, lighter moisturizing oils like avocado and almond oil will help the skin maintain moisture without clogging the pores with more oil. Diet is also an important part of having good health and beautiful skin. Water rich fruits and vegetables like pineapples and cucumbers or celery can add to the hydration that we are seeking.

Skin eruptions and mutinies can cause oily skin to have breakouts and pimples while those with drier skin can suffer from patches and discoloration. Dehydration and lack of appropriate skin resources can lead to terrible skin woes. Hydration therapy is not only necessary for our bodies, it is also amazing for our skin. Hydration can be even more essential for those of us that reside in colder climates. Vida-Flo’s IV lounge is a great place to go to get hydration therapy IV treatments to supplement our daily health and beauty regiments.

Why is Vida-Flo’s Oxygen Therapy Program Right for You?

Oxygen therapy is definitely not simply a new age fad.

While we all certainly know that oxygen is one of the gases that is essential to substance on this planet and human life in general, we do not always understand exactly what magnanimous effects oxygen provides for us as human beings on planet Earth. Oxygen is not just the air that we breathe. Oxygen is one of the powerful, foundational building blocks of life. Oxygen is what enables our bodies to participate in healing at the cellular level and is the motor that enables our circulatory and respiratory systems to function. Toxins in the body can be filtered out by using oxygen therapy as well as being used to aid in the reduction of inflammation. Oxygen therapy is even helpful for simple day to day pangs such as fatigue and over exertion, headaches, muscle recovery and even for health and beauty purposes.         

We know that when we first heard the term oxygen therapy, the images that pervade our thoughts were most certainly images of emergency rooms and nursing homes. At first, it seemed like a passing fad or an extreme alternative hippy dippy health tactic but truly, oxygen therapy is a boon that has come to us in the age of holistic and alternative methods. Vida-Flo understands that oxygen therapy, IV fluids electrolytes aren’t simply something to be offered when someone is having difficulty breathing. The additional benefits of oxygen therapy include improvement in energy levels, better quality of sleep and relief from mental fog.

The administration of oxygen therapy, IV fluids electrolytes is only to be undertaken by a professional in a safe and clean environment. There are toxic side effects that accompany the improper use of oxygen so definitely do not try this at home. Please always consult a local professional like the ones at Vida-Flo and be an informed patient and consumer. Also, be sure to visit your regular physician in the event of any major ailments, injuries or serious pain and illness. Oxygen therapy is not a substitute for medical care.

How Does Hydration Affect Our Health?

At Vida-Flo, we focus on hydration and its interaction and effects on our various health processes.

  • Maintaining consistent hydration can be more complicated and involved than many of us may have ever previously imagined.

Should we drink a gallon of water every day? Does water quality affect its ability to offer proper hydration to the drinker? Is there even a such thing as drinking too much water? The answers to these questions can vary depending on our individual lifestyle choices but Vida-Flo is here to help us consider our lifestyles as we search for the appropriate ways to maintain our da hydration and most importantly, our health. Being dehydrated is one of the most important aspects of physical and even mental health. All of our systems, from our central nervous system to our reproductive and digestive systems need the right amount of water in order to function in the ways that we need them to. Water transports essential minerals and vitamins to the cells in our bodies and also flushes unwanted and unhealthy particles and bacteria. Water can even influence hair growth. Drinking water can even be an effective preventative measure against hangovers. Imagine, being hydrated as a hangover remedy? It’s definitely something to consider before you go out and have to Google “hangover cures Reddit” the morning after.


  • Unfortunately, because many of us simply do not drink enough water, we suffer.

IV therapy benefits assist with hydration and increase its magnificent effects on our bodies. Most of us abide by the six to eight glasses of six to eight ounces of water each day. However, a liter or two is simply not enough water for most of us to maintain a good balance within our bodies. Our diets also influence this and if they are especially rich in meat and processed foods, our chances of a liter being enough water on a daily basis are slim to none. Other factors also influence how much water is enough water. Things like weight, climate, exercise, health factors also determine how much water is appropriate for each person. A good general rule to go by is to attempt to drink at least one gallon of water every day.


  • Vida-Flo can help us to maintain our hydration in multiple ways with various programs.

Hydration is a crucial component for a number of important reasons. The most important one of them perhaps being that it helps to maintain an alkaline pH level inside of our bodies which makes disease breeding exceedingly difficult. When we increase our water intake, food additives like sugar and sodium that would normally lower the pH level in our bodies can be flushed out more naturally. Since our bodies consist of majority water, it makes sense that we should drink enough to replenish what we’re losing in order to keep our bodies in penultimate working condition. The amazing thing about water is that it is literally in everything so there are more ways than just drinking water to be able to stay hydrated. Eating water rich foods like lettuce, pineapples, cucumbers, and celery will do the trick as well. Our diets should be in balance with nature and hydration is the first step.