What to Expect at Your First Vida-Flo Visit

vida flo

If you googled “IV hydration near me” then you are most likely aware of the various benefits of hydration therapy.  


Vida-Flo is the leading IV hydration clinic and visiting a local Vida-Flo is an experience like none other. If you are curious about what to expect for your first appointment, read on for an overview of what to expect during your first Vida-Flo experience. 


  1. Greeting and Check-in

Each Vida-Flo location is uniquely designed with comfortable chairs and blue LED lit waiting rooms. Upon entering, you will be greeted by our friendly Vida-Flo wellness consultants. You will receive a tablet for entering your medical data. Feel free to ask our wellness consultants any questions you may have as you wait.  

  1. Medical Questionnaire and Consent

The medical questionnaire is a short set of questions that will provide our staff with important information about your past medical history, current medical condition, and your future wellness goals. It is important that you provide honest and accurate answers to the questionnaire, so our staff can best serve you based on your history and your goals. You will also sign a consent form allowing Vida-Flo nurses to provide IV services. 

  1. Vital Sign and Suitability Assessment

After completing your questionnaire and consent form, you will be introduced to your Hydro care provider. All Hydro care providers are licensed nurses who specialize in providing IV therapy. Your vitals will be measured and a final suitability assessment will be given before providing services.  

  1. Therapy

Your therapy is prepared based on your suitability assessment and wellness goals. As you relax in a comfortable recliner, the IV is inserted without pain. The therapy takes 30 – 45 minutes and afterwards, you’re feeling reVIDAlized.  


Vida-Flo hydration therapy has benefits including immunity, wellness, and beauty. As you continue treatments, you will experience enhanced and long-term benefits. Schedule your first appointment today to get started. 

How to Feel Your Best While on Vacation

As temperatures rise, vacation is on everyone’s mind 


Time near water not only restores the body but also gives the mind a much-needed break. Whether you are headed to the beach or the lake, follow these tips to feel your best as you travel this summer.  


  1. Stay hydrated.

Air travel can have a dehydrating effect on the body due to the lack of oxygen and the pressurized environment of the plane. This is why long plane rides can result in jet lag and altitude sickness. Your vacation time is precious, so don’t waste time sleeping when you should be enjoying the beach. The best altitude sickness remedy is to hydrate properly before you travel. At Vida-Flo, we specialize in IV hydration therapy which can help to boost the immune system and beat the effects of jet lag and air travel dehydration. 


  1. Protect your skin.

Soaking up the sun during vacation can be refreshing, but there is a fine line between tanning and a painful sunburn. While sunscreen is a great way to protect your skin from sunburn, you can benefit greatly from added protection. Glutathione and vitamin C are nature’s best tools for beautiful and resilient skin. At Vida-Flo, we offer both glutathione and vitamin C for added support to healthy skin and rapid recovery in the VidaGlo treatment. VidaGlo combined with sunscreen will keep your skin healthy and glowing during vacation. 


  1. Enjoy food and drink in moderation.

Vacation food and drinks can be tempting, especially if you’ve exercised and dieted to look great in your swimwear. Enjoying local and new foods and drinks is an exciting part of the vacation experience but enjoy in moderation so you can feel energized. Balance your diet with light exercise while one vacation to maintain your healthy habits. 


Vacation is to be enjoyed, whether you are traveling with your family or friends. You deserve to look and feel your best. Stop by your local Vida-Flo, before you travel to learn more about hydration for your travel.


5 Ways to Maximize Outdoor Fitness

Your weekend isn’t complete without exploring nature


Outdoor fitness is a great way to add adventure into your exercise regime. Your body benefits from fresh air and sunshine. Read on to learn how to maximize your outdoor fitness regime.

Outdoor Fitness

  1. Plan for nice weather.

Sunshine is nature’s best source of vitamin D, but without proper preparation it’s possible to suffer from dehydration and sunburn while exercising outdoors. Always plan your outdoor fitness according to the weather. Mornings are a great time to enjoy comfortable temperatures and moderate sunshine, but as afternoon approaches temperatures will rise making outdoor fitness more difficult and dangerous due to extreme sun exposure.

  1. Hydrate and protect skin.

Your body also needs hydration to maximize your outdoor exercise. At Vida-Flo, we recommend IV hydration therapy before outdoor fitness to help your body replenish salts and minerals lost through sweat from sun exposure. There are many benefits of IV hydration therapy and we offer a wide range of add-ons including our glutathione shot, which is nature’s best antioxidant. We recommend the glutathione shot for those who exercise outdoors to prevent premature skin aging due to sun exposure. We also recommend protecting your skin by applying sunscreen before exercise and reapplying after you sweat.

  1. Find local hiking trails.

Hiking is a great outdoor activity that can be customized to your fitness level. Whether you enjoy a scenic tranquil hike or a challenging climb, you can find a trail near you. Bring a small backpack with fiber and protein snacks to help maintain your energy levels. Be sure to stay on paths and follow trail maps to stay safe while hiking. Lastly, keep trails clean from trash and plastics so wildlife and other visitors can enjoy uncluttered nature.

  1. Go running.

If you don’t have time to search for trails, opt for a run in the park instead. Bring your dog or a close friend for company as you run.  Running is great for your heart and your legs and a perfect outdoor exercise for individuals of all fitness levels. Go at a pace that is comfortable for you and schedule a time weekly to enjoy a run.

  1. Book a kayaking tour.

A family kayaking trip is a bond activity for fitness families. Grab your wetsuits and head to the nearest river. The rushing rapids are a great challenge for those who love water adventures. Kayaking tours are available to help you safely navigate the waters. Look for tours that include lunch and the kayak so you can have a worry-free adventure.



The 3 Must-Haves for Your Wedding Party

The Wedding Bells are Ringing!

If you are the lucky bride or groom, you have the task of planning an unforgettable wedding party for your friends and family to enjoy. Keep your plans simple with these wedding party must-haves.



  1. Open Hydration Bar

Most weddings have an open bar, which a great way to keep friends and family partying all night long. What if your wedding party had an open hydration bar to help your guests prevent hangovers and dehydration? Vida-Flo Mobile USA is the open IV hydration clinic you’ve been dreaming of.  As the leading provider of hydration therapy on-the-go, we offer IV hydration treatment administered by licensed nurses in our mobile hydration center, on site at your wedding party. When administered before drinking, hydration therapy is a hangover IV treatment that helps alleviate the side effects associated with overindulgence.


  1. Professional DJ

Your Macbook definitely has all of the hits that you and your college friends love, but are all yours tunes appropriate for your family? Imagine placing your library on shuffle and having to worry all night about what tune will play next, or spending hours creating a party-friendly playlist. When you hire a professional DJ, you can rest easy knowing that family-friendly tunes will have everyone dancing all night. Professional DJ’s bring and set up their own equipment, so set-up and clean-up is easier for you.


  1. Professional Photographer

Photos are proof of an excellent party. While your phone can take great photos, it’s best to hire a photographer so you can enjoy the party without a camera glued to your hands. Be sure to review the photographer’s portfolio to ensure they have the skills to capture great photos at your wedding party.


The Ultimate Guide to Staying Healthy During Music Festival Season


Music festival season 2018 is officially in full effect!


music festival


There are more than 10 epic music festivals happening around the nation this month. We’ve created the ultimate guide for staying healthy for music seekers, so you can maintain your healthy lifestyle while enjoying the nice weather and a memorable music festival season. Here are the details.

  1. Hydrate Before

Hydrating before a long weekend of enjoying your favorite music can help you recover from a hangover fast mid-festival. You can hydrate the traditional way with loads of bottled water and endless trips to the bathroom or you can opt for a more effective and lasting method. IV Hydration therapy is the best way to get hydrated and Vida-Flo is the premier choice for your hydration needs. The process takes only 45 minutes. The natural formula or electrolytes, vitamins and minerals will have you feeling your best, so you can recover from dehydration faster and enjoy a weekend packed with festivities.

  1. Moderation

Music festival season is a time to remember. Great friends, great food, and your favorite artists. Moderation is key for feeling your best during the festivities. Enjoy the ambiance, but set limitations for alcohol and festival foods, especially with those items that aren’t a part of your normal diet. Don’t be too hard on yourself if you happen to overindulge, because Vida-Flo’s hydration therapy is a great remedy for hangovers.

  1. B12

Vitamin B12, is a family of vitamins each designed to support a healthy lifestyle. The human body is not capable of producing Vitamin B12, so it must be supplemented through vitamins or food. There are many benefits of B12, but the most well known is energy. The vitamin B12 shot is a great source of natural energy that will help you stay lit and party all night long! Stop by your local Vida-Flo and show us your festival tickets and get a B12 add-on with any treatment you choose.